Einstein on the Beach, 1976

A Madrigal Opera, 1980

Satyagraha, 1980

The Photographer: Far from the Truth, 1982
(megj.: music theatre)

Akhnaten, 1984

the CIVIL warS: A Tree is Best Measured when it is Down. Act V - Rome Section, 1984

The Juniper Tree, 1985
(megj.: társszerző: Robert Moran)

The Making of the Representative for Planet 8, 1988

The Fall of the House of Usher, 1988

1000 Airplanes on the Roof, 1988
(megj.: music theatre)

Hydrogen Jukebox, 1990
(megj.: music theatre)

The Voyage, 1992

Orphée, 1993
(megj.: music theatre)

La Belle et la Bête, 1994
(megj.: music theatre)


The Witches of Venice, 1995 (megj.: children's opera-ballet)


Les Enfants Terribles, 1996 (megj.: dance opera)

The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five, 1997

White Raven, 1998
(megj.: O Corvo Branco címen mutatták be)

Monsters of Grace, 1998
(megj.: music theatre)

In the Penal Colony, 2000

Galileo Galilei, 2002

The Sound of a Voice, 2003

Waiting for the Barbarians, 2005

Appomattox, 2007

Kepler, 2009

The Lost
(megj.: várható premier: 2013)